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SSKH Parking Information



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.) Where can I go to review a copy of the SSKH Parking rules?

A.) Parking rules have been updated as of January 2023. You can find the SSKH Parking rules by clicking here

Q.) How do I obtain my parking pass? 

A.) You can choose to pick up your passes at ProCom's office or parking passes can be mailed (at the owner's expense). Please reach out to our association manager to coordinate the option that works best for you. Her contact information is: 


Ellen Braswell

Association Manager


Professional Community Management, Inc.

400 Serendipity Drive

Millersville, MD 21108

Phone: 410-721-0777, x150

Phone: 301-261-0777, x150

Fax: 410-721-4854


Q.) When did the parking passes go into effect?

A.) The 2024-2025 parking passes went into effect on January 16, 2024.


Q.) How do I receive a parking pass?

A.) If you (as a homeowner) or your landlord (if you are renting) are current on your monthly assessment as of the previous month of inquiring for a pass, you will be able to receive a hang tag. Delinquent accounts will not receive a parking pass until current on dues. 

Q.) How many hangtags am I allowed to receive?

A.) One hangtag per house


Q.) I lost my hangtag. How much is a replacement?

A.) Residents will be charged $125 hang tag for a replacement hangtag for any reason. The old hangtag will be voided from records and subject to tow.


Q.) If I have a handicap tag, do I still need a hangtag?

A.) Yes.


Q.) What are the hours of towing?

A.) Parking passes are required to be displayed while parked in visitor parking from 9pm to 7am. Therefore, Towing is from 9pm to 7am. Please park accordingly to avoid being subjected to towing.


Q.) I am getting work done at my house and my contractor will be parking in a visitor parking spot. Will they be subjected to towing? 

A.) If the vehicle is a marked contractor car and currently working at the house, they will not be towed. 


Q.) Who is the towing company? 

A.) Carolina Towing 

Q.) What color are the valid parking passes?

A.) Purple

**Also, please note that vehicles that take up more than one space, cars that have two wheels hanging off the driveway,  or that are over the parking line, may be subject to towing.**

The Saxony Square Kingsley Hall Community Parking rules were enforced in 2019 due to needing a better and more consistent way to regulate visitor parking within the community. The goal of parking passes/enforcement is to ensure visitor parking spaces are used just as what they are intended for, visitor parking only. Visitor parking rules are enforced Sunday-Saturday from 9pm to 7am. Prince George County law states that visitor parking is only allowed for 72 hours. Therefore, a parking pass IS  required during that time to avoid towing. Current 2024-2025 Hang tags should be placed visible on car dashboards or rear view mirrors. Passes that are not current OR duplicated will be subject to towing. In addition, violators found duplicating parking passes will be revoked their parking pass privileges for the  remainder of the parking pass term. 

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