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HOA Assessments & HOA Portal 

SSKH HOA Monthly Payments

There are new updates to HOA payments effective May 1, 2022!

Saxony Square/Kingsley Hall Homeowner Association (HOA) payments are due on

the first of every month. The Association has switched banks from Pacific Western

Bank to Axos Bank. This will require minor changes to how owners make their

assessment payments.

The new Axos Bank payment remittance address is:

Axos Lockbox

C/O Professional Community Management, Inc.

PO Box 2097

Secaucus, NJ 07096-2097

 To ensure and accommodate timely processing, please mail your payment on or before the due date.  Timely payments can help you avoid late charges.  You also have the option of making online HOA payments. For more information, see to register.

Villages of Marlboro (VOM) Community Association Yearly Payments

The VOM Community Association Yearly payment is a separate payment for the homes within the Villages of Marlboro. Payments are to be sent to Blackstone Management and NOT ProCom. ProCom payments are to be paid monthly whereas VOM Community Payments are once a year. For more information, please visit the Villages of Marlboro Community Association website OR reach out to Blackstone Management here for assistance. 

SSKH HOA Homeowner Portal


Included with the upgrade is a new HOA Homeowner portal. Please visit to learn how to set up your account. This new Homeowner portal has tons of benefits, which will include items like HOA documents, meeting minutes, calendars, architectural change requests submissions, and more.


For more information about the Homeowner portal and what it includes, you can view the letter that was sent out to the community here.

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