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Homeowner Trash Containers

Residents, this is a reminder that the trash cans (black trash ones, recycling trash can and bin, and compost bins) should not be visible outside of the property after trash collection day. Per HOA rules, trash cans should be out of plain view and inside of garages when not in use for the purpose of trash pickup day. Homeowners caught in violation of this HOA rule are subject to receiving a HOA violation letter and/or fine. Abiding to this HOA policy will help to ensure our neighborhood remains beautiful, litter free, and rodent free. Live animals including those vulture birds tend to eat off trash cans that remain out and as a result, can cause litter to scatter throughout the neighborhood. We thank you for helping to keep our neighborhood beautiful!

Bulk Trash Collection

Prince George’s County is Changing Bulky Trash Collection
Starting February 14, residents can place up to two (2) bulky items at the curb with regular trash

Largo, MD – Starting February 14, Prince George’s County will roll out a faster and improved curbside bulky trash collection pickup that will allow residents to set out two (2) bulky items or two (2) trash bags with small household items per week with their regular trash for pickup from their County-provided trash hauler. This enhanced service allows residents to dispose of unwanted items in a timelier manner, cut down on wait times, and eliminate the temptation to dump illegally. 

All items need to be too large to fit in a County-issued or regular trash cart and need to be placed NEXT to the trash cart for collection. Bulky items placed in other areas at the curb will not be collected. 

“Due to the exciting new changes we are making, County bulky trash collection will be an improved experience for our residents,” said Andrea L. Crooms, Director of the Department of the Environment (DoE). “The new bulky item pickup process will require our trash haulers to provide large item pickup as part of their base service to every resident, allowing residents to get rid of unwanted bulky items more quickly than under the current bulky trash system.”

Since the mid-’80s, Prince George’s County has offered residents a separate bulky item collection to provide an opportunity to dispose of large items, such as furniture, carpet, and mattresses not collected by weekly trash pickup. However, due to the high demand for bulky trash services, the County is improving the process for collection by making this available to the over 175,000 County households served by County trash haulers weekly.

Residents who reside in a municipality and do not receive bulky services from the County directly will not experience a change in services and will continue to follow their municipal guidelines. Those residents who only pay for bulky trash removal will still need to schedule bulky trash collections through PGC311.

White good items, including appliances and scrap tires, will still need to be scheduled by contacting PGC311 or online at   


A complete description of acceptable bulky items, as well as a list of frequently asked questions, is available at

To better prepare for the change, the County will stop scheduling its current bulky trash collection process on Friday, January 21. All scheduled appointments made by PGC311 or online will be collected until that date. 

For more information on the improved curbside bulky trash collection program, visit or contact PGC311.

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