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Architectural Change Requests




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q.) Where do I go to receive the Architectural Change Request form?

A.) You can download and fill out the editable form by clicking here: SSKH Architectural Change Request Form


Q.) Where do I submit the Architectural Change Request form?

A.) Please email the form to Ellen Braswell- 

Q.) What type of work being done on a house requires an Architecture Request Form?

A.) Changes to your roof, door(s), garage, windows, tree removal, deck, and fence require a change request form. Changing the color of paint requires the submission of a form as well.  

Q.) What colors are allowed if I want to get a new front door, shutters, deck or trim ?

A.) The community allows greens, blues, and red doors. Please refer to the ColorSwatches document for example hues that you can refer to and use as a reference. Please reach out to the board prior to starting any work as this is also required on the architectural change form.

Q.) Do I need to submit a form to install solar panels? 

A.) Yes; all solar panels will be approved, but we require that the form be submitted.

Q.) What are the specifics needed if I want to replace my roof?

A.) Roofers typically know how to match the type of roofs that are already in communities but if you need any further clarification, please reach out to the board for questions. 

Q.) I would like to install a storm door? Are there certain types that are not allowed

A.) Storm doors are allowed in the community. However, storm doors would need to be clear with no bars or designs embedded in them. For clarification or examples, please reach out to the board.

Q.) I would like to install a deck? Are there dimension limits and style restrictions? 

A.) Yes, decks have dimension limits and style restrictions. Ideally, decks should match within the community. For clarification on sizing, the board will be able to help with providing measurements prior to starting the project. For colors, see the color swatch reference

Q.) The tree in my yard is causing issues to the foundation of my house or encroaching on my property. How can I get it removed?

A.) Trees on personal property are the responsibility of the homeowner to pay to get the tree removed. However, an architectural change request form should be submitted to the HOA board prior to the removal of the tree. 

Q.) Why is it my responsibility to pay to get a tree removed? Why can't the board pay to remove trees in the community?

A.) The board will pay for trees in common/community spaces within the community. If there is a community tree that is causing issues to your home, such as tree limbs impacting your home or community area tree roots growing into your foundation, please reach out to the HOA board for investigation and action. Trees on the front (or side) of your property are your responsibility. 

The SSKH Community requires residents to submit architectural change request forms prior to doing major exterior work and improvements to homes as well as major landscaping (such as tree removal). The purpose of this is to ensure consistency within the community. 

If you are looking to do exterior work to your house, please download the form to the right and submit it to Ellen Braswell, the Community Property Manager. Once received, the HOA board will review the request quickly. 

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