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Welcome to the

Saxony Square/Kingsley Hall

HOA website!

Nested within the Villages of Marlboro community in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, this community website is intended to provide valuable and relevant information, news, and resources to the residents within the Saxony Square and Kingsley Hall Communities.

Please visit the respective pages to answer any questions that you may have. The pages hold a variety of topics and information that will be useful for you!



  • Curious to learn the difference around the Villages of Marlboro HOA and the Saxony Square/Kingsley Hall HOA? Information can be found here

  • AirBnb's in the Community are NOT allowed. If a home has been found to be running an airbnb, there is a process in place to terminate the operations of the airbnb. More information can be found here

  • Trash can reminder update can be found here. Don't forget that any resident found in violation of the misuse of the trash cans on property can be subject to a HOA violation letter and/or fine. 

  • 2024 Parking Passes! The new 2024-2025 parking passes are now in effect. Therefore, the use of any old parking passes and/or not properly displaying the hangtag on your dashboard for view can be subject to towing at the homeowner's expense. For more information, please visit our Parking Information page found here

  • Email Distro- To get on our email distro for immediate updates happening within the community and HOA meeting reminders, please visit the Contact page and send a message for the Board to add you.


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